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  Model:  BRO-50G

Under counter or shink type
Daily output: 50 gallons (=189L)
Rated power: 28.8W
Applicable water pressure: 0.03-0.6MPa
Applicable water temp.: 4-45 deg. c
Fed water TDS: <=500PPM
Pressure tank capacity: 3.2 gallons
No. of treatment stages: 5
Flush type: manual
Machine dimensions: 38x21x46CM
Pressure tank dimensions: 30(diameter)x42(H)CM
FCL20'/40': 337/680PCS

Filtration system:
Stage 1: PP fibre filter
Function: filtering sand, rust, mud, sediment, etc. in water.

Stage 2: Granular active carbon filter
Function: removing bad smell and filtering organic sediment in water.

Stage 3: Block active carbon filter
Function: completely removing bad smell in water.

Stage 4: Reserse Osmosis membrane (0.0001 Micron)
Function: filtering germ, virus, corpuscule, other solute and
chemical from tap water processing.

Stage 5: Post active carbon filter
Function: adjusting filtered water tast, keeping water fresh.

NSF standard pure water.